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  • CLV social enterprise

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    CLV social enterprise was born in the 2013 by the will of Centro Servizi CISL srl and the Association U.S.T. CISL of Verona in order to operate in these non-profit areas: social and health assistance, education and training, environmental protection, social tourism, valuing of the cultural heritage and employment opportunities for disadvantaged persons.

  • E.N.S. - Ente Nazionale Sordi Onlus - Verona

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    The association Ente Nazionale Sordi, born in 1932, represents and protects the civil, moral, cultural and economic interests of the Italian deaf persons.

    The main aims are the integration of the deaf persons inside the society, the promotion of their progress, autonomy and full human realisation.

  • U.I.C.I. - Unione Italiana Ciechi Ipovedenti Onlus - Sezione di Verona

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    The association Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e degli Ipovedenti Onlus, founded in the 1920, is a moral entity that represents and protect the moral and material interests of the blind persons.

    UICI promotes the full realisation of the human, civil and social rights of the blind persons, their social leveling and the integration in each sphere of the civil life.

  • F.A.N.D. - Federazione tra le Associazioni Nazionali delle persone con disabilità – Sezione di Verona

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    F.A.N.D. was born in 1997 with the aim to represent the global needs of the persons with disabilities. The federation is composed by six different associations representative of the persons with disabilities: A.N.M.I.L., A.R.P.A., E.N.S., U.I.C.I., U.N.M.S., A.N.G.L.A.T., A.N.M.I.C.

    The Federation coordinates the policies and the initiatives in the sectors of welfare, assistance, education, health, employment, safety, mobility and transport, removal of architectural barriers, communication, sport and social tourism.

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